The Global Citizenship Curriculum Development Project (GCCD)

is a cooperative venture of the Faculty of Education International and Center for Global Citizenship Education and Research) and University of Alberta International. Our focus is on educating University of Alberta students to become responsible citizens, engaged in the democratic process and aware of their capacity to effect change in their communities, society and the world. GCCD is committed to addressing the challenge of global citizenship at the University of Alberta by involving the entire campus in the development and delivery of global citizenship curricula.

Required Course

Int D 404: Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives

Int D 404: Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives

**3 credit course that is open to ALL undergraduate students.

Course Description:

This course aims to provide students the opportunity to engage with current literature and experts, and to extend their own research skills as they strive to understand how global citizenship might frame the roles of individuals and communities with which they will interact in increasingly diverse social, economic, and political contexts that are not restricted by geographical or social boundaries. This course will examine select theories and case studies that focus on the constructions of global citizenship, and how citizenship is (has been) lived, denied, recreated and/or re-imagined

Our book is out!

"Drawing on critical pedagogy, post-colonial analysis, hermeneutic interpretation, and reconceptualist curriculum frameworks, the 20 chapters in this edited collection address, from interrelated perspectives, a gap in the scholarly literature on the theory, practice, and policy of global citizenship and global citizenship education.

The book provides readers with analyses and interpretations of the existing state of global citizenship education in post-secondary institutions, and stimulates discussion about the field at a time when there is an intense debate about the current drive to "internationalize" tertiary education and the role global citizenship education should play in that process. International and interdisciplinary in its examination of post-secondary global citizenship education, the book is useful in courses that focus on policy formation, curriculum development and theorizing in the field." (Editorial Review, Amazon, 2011)

Can be purchased by visiting Amazon

Read the fantastic review by Kyra Garson in the Canadian Journal of Higher Education. Garson states: "This book should cause educators to re-evaluate the present trajectory and consider the role of higher education in the production of the common good by educating for citizenship in a globalized environment" (Garson, 2011, p. 131).


Our literature review was recently published by the Journal of Global Citizenship and Equity Studies

Walter Mignolo's keynote is now available on our website. Please see 2011 Symposium to view the keynote.

Upcoming Global Citizenship Events & Conferences

Education Abroad Poster Symposium

October 25, 2013; University of Alberta

Global Conference on Democracy, Human Rights, and the Fragility of Freedom

March 21-23 2013; McGill University

Pluralism, Inclusion & Citizenship: A Diversity and Recognition Project

March16 –18, 2013; Lisbon, Portugal